Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Song : Half Dead (死去活來)

The other night, Chilam Cheung attended an event and reveals he has lost his voice from recording his new song. He said: "I spent 3 days recording the song, the record producer wanted everything overly perfect. I lost all my self-confidence because he felt I didn't do well on anything. I was just like the song name Half Dead (死去活來)."

There is hope on settling the royalty dispute between TVB and Big 4, Chilam was asked if he's worried the competition at this year's annual music awards will get too competitive? Chilam said it doesn't matter because he doesn't really care about the awards. Asked if he feels TVB really helped him? He sweet talked: "TVB helped me a lot because I shoot series and sing." However, he personally supports freelance singers because they can appear on any media outlet.

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