Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ella Chen planning for marriage

This May, S.H.E member Ella Chen will marry her Malaysian boyfriend Alvin Lai.
Yesterday, at the promotional event for her latest movie Nv Hai Huai Huai, Ella l
et on that there was a kissing scene with co-star Mike He.

The latter quickly explained that it was a required scene, and even revealed that Alvin would often visit his girlfriend on set.
According to the Taiwanese media, Ella admitted that her boyfriend did not like her getting too intimate with another guy. However, he respected her job and reminded her to let him know which part of the movie he should turn away from.

A couple of days ago, Ella's future father-in-law accepted an interview in Malaysia.
Mr Lai praised his future daughter-in-law for being affable and polite, adding that it is his son's "greatest achievement" to be able to marry the singer.

He recalled the first time he met Ella. The singer was in Singapore to attend an awards ceremony last May, and Alvin had arranged for them to meet up. Mr Lai felt that Ella was someone down-to-earth.

When Alvin's younger sister wedded during the New Year, Ella attended the banquet and was introduced as her future sister-in-law.
"I am very happy to see my son start his own family. I believe he made the right choice. Both of them are very independent, so I don't have to worry about them," Mr Lai said.
Although Ella is happy to hear her future father-in-law is singing her praises, she added, "I hope the media will give my in-laws some privacy. I don't want to scare them. Thank you for your concern."
In other related news, Ella spoke about her boyfriend at a variety show recording a few days ago.

"I can feel that I'm very important to him. I never knew that someone would be able to make me feel so secure," she said.

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