Saturday, February 25, 2012

" Liar Game " opens in theaters

The second “LIAR GAME” movie will get a spinoff television drama on Fuji TV. Titled “Alice in Liar Game,” the spinoff will focus on the past of the character Alice, who is being played by child actress Ashida Mana (7).

As previously announced, the new “LIAR GAME” movie stars Matsuda Shota as the brilliant swindler Akiyama Shinichi and Tabe Mikako as a new heroine named Shinomiya Yu. Yu gets involved in a high-stakes game of deception (known as the Liar Game), and Akiyama must help her. Esumi Makiko plays Omega, a member of the Liar Game organization, which has revived the game with the goal of getting revenge against Akiyama for the previous game.

Ashida’s character Alice, another member of the organization, is close to Omega, and she is in charge of everything regarding the new game, including the game’s structure, the player selection, and the traps used against the players.

The spinoff drama will shed light on the relationship between Omega and Alice, as well as how Alice’s life came to be.

Fuji TV will broadcast the spinoff on four consecutive nights, March 5-8. The movie opens in theaters on March 3.

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