Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jay Chou planning to buy yacht

Asian superstar Jay Chou, who owns more than 10 sports cars, has set his heart on buying a yacht.
On Valentine's Day (Feb 14), Jay and at least 10 assistants, used four cars to chauffeur girlfriend Hannah, his mother and his good friend Will Liu and family. The group went to a boat factory at New Taipei City to test drive a yacht.

The owner initially drove the yacht, but Jay took over for an "illegal" spin not long later. During the test drive, Jay chatted with Will and his family, and took a lot of photos together. His mother and Hannah remained in the cabin throughout the journey.
An hour later, the yacht returned to the dock. Jay's mother was the first to alight, taking photos of the pier. Hannah followed behind her.
Jay only appeared long after Hannah left.

According to an insider, Jay had always wanted a yacht and the one he tested that day is worth more than NT$60 million (S$2.52 million).

However, the singer would need his mother's approval before he buys it. If his mother disagrees, Jay plans to collaborate with the yacht's manufacturer and turn it into a themed yacht, using it to earn extra income.

Jay's record label responded to the report, denying the rumour and questioning, "If someone watches a movie, does it mean he's going to buy the cinema?"

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