Friday, February 24, 2012

News Drama : The Hippocratic Crush

TVB medical drama The Hippocratic Crush premiered last week, with a peak rating of 31 points. Kenneth Ma (Ma Ming) rises and becomes TVB's first line Siu Sang. Riding on the momentum, Kenneth said he wants the dough and not the love: "I want more endorsements and stage work. I even hope to shoot some series in Mainland to earn some extra money. The faster the better." Well that's true too, he's a famous and single man that many are after. Just as long as you have the chips, there is no fear you won't find a wife.

Its no surprise, the 38 year old middle-aged Kenneth is desperate to break away from 'poverty'. In 2007, Kenneth still used the subway as means of transportation. It wasn't until 2008 when he finally got himself a car valued at HK$300,000 Comparing the fame and fortune, Kenneth still lags behind other TVB Siu Sangs such as Kevin Cheng or Moses Chan. Fortunately, Kenneth's first series The Hippocratic Crush, in which he takes the lead, has been well acclaimed. Today, Kenneth stepped foot on the most crowded areas in Central's Time Square to do a practical research on audience' reactions. As a result, it wasn't even 5 minutes yet and he was already surrounded by a group of See Lai (housewives) and female students. One See Lai couldn't help but shout: "Handsome Kenneth Ma! You did so well in your series!" Then it was Kenneth's turn to feel happy, he said softly: "And I was worried no one would care!"

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