Friday, February 24, 2012

New TVB show : Battle of the Senses

In the new TVB game show Battle of the Senses produced by Chin Kwok Wai, Chin Kar Lok goes out for a drifting with 34.5 cup former Miss HK contestant, Gemma Choi. They were drifting so much, Gemma's breasts appeared on screen too. Netizens exposed that the show copied off of a clip found on a Russian website. In the clip, a foreign female was sitting in a drifting car and the force burst the buttons on her shirt and her breasts were exposed. Producer Chin has history of copying ideas, and this time it goes all the way to Russia. Recently TVB productions, variety shows and series have lost creativity and often times, the clever Netizens catch them plagiarizing.

This variety show is in fact a hot topic on the internet, Netizens already posted the foreign female's drifting clip on Youtube in November. Because the car was going at a high-speed, the buttons on the girl's shirt burst open and her breasts were exposed. The clip came from a Russian website that exclusively sells automobile products and there are often big breast girls seen on the site. Producer Chin may have saw that clip on the website last year and decided to follow their idea.

Chin Kwok Wai directed the game show Super Trio before and it was discovered the show madly copied a Japanese game show. Regarding Battle of the Senses criticized of being a ripoff after just the first episode, and with evidence, yesterday Chin said over the phone: "I'm going through Customs now, can't talk." Then he immediately hung up.

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