Friday, February 24, 2012

SDN48 Farewell concert in Japan

After two years, it's time for us to say sayonara to Japanese girl group SDN48 at their farewell concert in Japan on Mar 31.
Formed in 2009, SDN48, an acronym for 'Saturday Night 48', is the sister group of immensely popular Japanese girl group AKB48. Both groups were formed by Mr Yasushi Akimoto, a Japanese television writer and record producer.
While AKB4 portrays a cute image, SDN48 is created based on an 'adult idol' concept', which is characterised by their sexier outfits and more suggestive dance choreography.
This is seen in their music video for Yaritagariya-san, in which the girls stripped down to lacy underwear and took self-portraits with a camera.
While members of SDN48 unanimously described their group's concept as 'sexy', reporters were not allowed to questions regarding the risqué video or the girls showing sexuality overtly during a recent interview in Singapore.
Unlike previous "graduations" -- which involved a small number of members -- all 39 members from SDN48 will graduate together this time, thus concluding the group's first chapter.
Prior to their Mar 31 Japanese concert, 12 SDN48 girls arrived in Singapore last week to say their final goodbyes to their local fans.
"It's been eight years since I went to Japan," said Chen Qu who is from China, before adding, "I would like to thank the fans for their support all these while. I hope that they will continue to support me and my members even after our graduation."

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