Friday, February 24, 2012

New drama "Love Chocolate"

SETTV's Chinese drama "Inborn Pairs" has been setting record high ratings and taking over it will be new drama "Love Chocolate" with male lead being Vanness Wu. He arrived at the press event held yesterday driving a cruise and shared his views on taking on a 8pm chinese drama for the first time. It will be a fresh experience for him and he has a love-hate relationship with co-star Joanne Zeng Zhi Qiao. Vanness laughed and said "In the drama, she's always pranking me!"

Yesterday, under SETTV management's arrangement, Vanness got to drive a luxury cruise along the river and meet the media at the harbor. Vanness shared that "I've been on speed-boats in USA and Hong Kong but here in Taiwan, its the first time I got to actually drive a cruise. I felt very relax and free!"

In the drama "Love Chocolate", Vanness acts as the successor of a big enterprise. He dreamed of a life revolving around chocolates though, owning a chocolate-made house and thus left the family enterprise to start his own life journey. He met female lead Joanne Zeng through a coincidence and the two of them have lots of interesting and humorous interactions. SETTV's manager expressed that "In the drama, the male lead has great charisma and is very sweet and generous to the girl. He has his own beliefs and is determined to pursue things that he believes in. Vanness suited all these characteristics."

Vanness was attracted by the script and its character. Before accepting the drama, he had been praying daily and he felt that it was God's intentions for him to act in this drama. He thus rejected a Hollywood movie directed by Keanu Reeves for it. He expressed that "I'm sure it will be worth it!

This will be Vanness's first time acting in a 8pm prime time slot drama and he felt that "I get to meet the fans everyday and reward them for their support then!" When talking about his co-star whom he have a love-hate relationship with, he laughed and said "Joanne's drama character's personality really attracted me. Thanks to all her pranking though, I'm suffering alot."
This is the first time Vanness has done 4-camera filming too and he has managed to overcome the nervousness. To ensure that the best performance is given, he has also been on a diet and he shared that "I'm mostly eating salad now!"

With the "Linsanity" craze in Taiwan now, Vanness also shared that he got to know Jeremy Lin through a friend's introduction years ago and the two of them contacted through email. They only met-up in Taipei last year though and Vanness felt that Jeremy's success is a great life lesson, as they have a common friend - God.

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