Thursday, February 23, 2012

Show Luo first single

Show Luo recently released his first Japanese single EP "Dante" and entered the Japan Entertainment arena. This song clinched 5th place in Japan's Oricon daily charts on its first day of release and managed to hit 10th place for the Oricon weekly charts. He is the first Taiwan male singer that managed to place on this Japan charts and has the second best results for a Taiwan singer, falling behind Teresa Teng's "I Only Care About You" (9th place in 2nd Feb 1987).

When interviewed by the Japan media, he declared his wish of "I want to hold a concert at Japan's most popular venue - The Budokan area within 3 years!" and expressed that he has been very envious of other singers who could promote themselves in Japan in the past. Now that its finally his turn "Although it might be late, but I usually act faster than others so I'm sure I can catch up!"

During the interview with Japan media, he used fluent Japanese to answer them and often added in some on-the-spot humor, showing his "Show Luo style Japan" which won the praise of the Japan reporters. He shared that "Besides speaking some words wrongly such as "jeans" became "underwear", I also used more comical ways to introduce the Taiwan massage and acted as a massage instructor who will give a 3min introduction before his massage." He kept using japanese "very happy" to describe his feelings about officially debuting in Japan. He also proudly expressed that "Unlike other foreign singers, my Japanese single was recorded without having my Japanese corrected by the producer. Instead, my English pronunciation was the one that had to be corrected."

Show Luo shared that besides having 2 autograph session held at Osaka and Tokoyo, his promotion tour will also involve Japan variety shows. As he is a newcomer in the Japan entertainment, he was so nervous during his breaks that he had no appetite and totally forgot to eat and drink the entire day to replenish his energy. His manager was worried that he'll be hungry and prepared a box of dessert for him at the end of the entire day of promotion.

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