Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sandy Lam upcoming new album

HK Pop Queen of the 80s, Sandy Lam released an Mandarin album Love Sandy in 1995, and sold about 4 million copies in Asia. The 45 year old Sandy's popularity hit all of greater China. Back then when she married Taiwanese record producer (Jonathan Lee), she faded out in the music scene. Ever since, her juniors such as Kelly Chen, Miriam Yeung and Joey Yung rose to popularity. After her failed marriage, Sandy steps back into her music career and held a few HK Coliseum concerts, where each show was a full house.

Today's music industry is lacking artists. Since Kelly and Miriam are both pregnant and have to be on hiatus, Pop Queen Joey Yung is the only one supporting the music scene. It's no surprise that Sandy is still a highly paid singer, despite her 6 year absence. Earlier it was rumored she was offered a sky high price of HK$15 million to sign a contract with Universal Music. However, [Oriental Daily] received reliable news that Universal is tossing out HK$8 million to get Sandy to sign a two year contract with them. According to the source, Sandy will be producing a new album in her own company and then allow Universal to help her release it in greater China.

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