Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Akanishi Jin arena tour canceled

Newspapers reported on Sunday that Akanishi Jin (27) was originally scheduled to hold an arena tour in Japan starting next month, but the concerts were canceled due to his sudden marriage to actress Kuroki Meisa (23) in February. Sources say that his management agency, Johnny's Jimusho, decided to punish him for his actions regarding the marriage. Akanishi apparently did not take the responsibility to inform his agency or other relevant parties before he and Kuroki submitted their marriage registration on February 2. Johnny’s Jimusho president Johnny Kitagawa said that he only found out about the marriage after it had been reported in the news. Because of Akanishi’s decision to notify them of such a major thing after the fact, his agency chose to hold him responsible by canceling a tour that was supposed to take place from early April to early May. Despite the marriage announcement, Akanishi’s U.S. tour from March 9-17 proceeded as planned. However, he was also apparently scheduled to hold a 5-city, 7-concert tour in Japan after his return. The tour was never officially announced before its cancellation (sources say it was planned to be announced around the time that Akanishi revealed his marriage), but his agency had already booked the venues. As an additional penalty, Johnny’s Jimusho is making Akanishi bear the cost of the venue cancellation fees, which can normally be around 1 to 2 million yen for an arena-size venue. Besides Johnny’s Jimusho, other parties affected by the sudden marriage include Akanishi’s record label. Kuroki’s work has also been affected, especially by the fact that she is now in her third month of pregnancy.

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