Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Linda Chung extra income on advertisement

Linda Chung is known as a frugal and hardworking artist. Lately, since she has finally paid off all her 'series debt' (break from filming), she quickly goes out to earn some extra income. Within these two months, she had four endorsements and has pocketed over HK$1 million. The other day, under the some 10 degree C temperatures, Linda was shooting a shower gel commercial for 6 figures. She just had a thin and short white dress on for the shoot and had to run away in the open field with a little girl. She conveyed a natural and healthy message. Since it was Linda's first time meeting the little girl, she brought her candy and toys. Although Linda had to withstand the cold and please the little girl, she did not once ask for a break. However, the company arranged a personal makeup car for her to use. Then Linda was shooting a showering scene, where she showed off her shoulders and legs for 3 hours! Linda claimed she's a fan of this brand, and this is the sexiest commercial that she has done since she debuted. Earlier, she especially looked after her body to display the most beautiful skin for the shoot. She said: "Recently, I've been doing a lot of aerobics. I went for several classes in the last two months and now I'm better spirited and feel healthier. I pay particular attention to showering, and the shower gel must let out a fresh scent. I rehearse my lines and sing in the shower!" As she has been rapidly earning extra income and becoming a little queen of endorsements, Linda didn't deny: "I will shoot any commercial! Most important is to earn money! Although I already have a home, I hope to buy another one this year! (Buy a 'Gu Por' Home?) Haha! Of course a 'brick' is a stronger safeguard. I hope to earn enough to buy another home by the end of this year!"

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