Friday, March 02, 2012

New series : 'Dangerous Drug Raid'

Raymond Lam, Ella Koon, Michael Miu and Ben Wong were shooting a police chase scene yesterday for TVB new series Dangerous Drug Raid. Raymond, who suffered from an injury on his sciatic nerve, expressed he has to go in for physical therapy one to two times a week. He said without hiding that there is pain when he walks and sits. As for Ella, a few days ago she sprained her ankle during filming, but yesterday she heroically continued to do the chase scene anyway. However, when the cameras stopped, she was limping and often rubbed her feet. When speaking of EEG CEO Ng Yue's comment earlier at the EEG Spring Banquet teasing Kevin Cheng can take Raymond's seat? Raymond laughed: "I heated up the seat for him! Pretty good. (Compete for the Male Singer award with you?) I never cared about these things, most important is that we can reach our goals with the music crew. After completing this series, I will have two more films to shoot in the next half year and will participate in a Mainland series." Reporters teased and asked if he's had enough of the seat and is willing to give it to Kevin? He laughed: "I'm always on the run. (Tell Kevin to go back and be his TV King?) He's my role model, I hope to join the TV King club too." Ella revealed she knew Raymond before this series, but they only got familiar when shooting this series. Reporters mentioned they have a common friend, Ron Ng. Ella said: "Common friends in TVB, turns out he can go down the comedic route! (He's provoking you?) We mutually provoke one another to chat." Also, Michael praised that this series invested a lot of car chasing and gun shooting scenes. He said yesterday he ran up and down all day long, but he expressed he is able to handle the scenes himself as long as he does his warm ups. When speaking of good friend Felix Wong switching over to Ricky Wong's team, asked when he's going to do the same? Michael said: "I'm still have a contract with TVB for some time, will shoot 1 series per year. I spoke to Mr. Wong before, but didn't get to the price yet. (Felix feels unhappy at TVB?) No, he just wants to switch to a new environment. Also, the salary there is higher than TVB."

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