Friday, March 02, 2012

Twins new Cantonese album '2-BE-FREE'

After 4 years, Twins launches their new Cantonese album 2-BE-FREE. Yesterday a press conference was held to promote the new album that intended to celebrate Twins' 10th anniversary. Twins appeared topless on the album cover for the first time. In the photo, Gillian Chung (Ah Gil) faces forward and reveals her belly button, while Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) just revealed her jade back. Their chest areas were covered by an eagle. In another cover, Twins embraced each other chest-to-chest, looking quite attractive. During the interview, Twins expressed they weren't really topless, and had on a tube top underneath for protection. The photographer wanted them to be more 'open' for the shoot, so he asked that the makeup artist and hairstylist leave the studio, only the photographer and their female assistant remained. When asked if they were used to appearing topless? Ah Sa stressed: "We aren't revealing, just a piece of artwork. Will you get even more sexier?) No, this is the limit." Ah Gil reveals she and Ah Sa embraced very tightly, when asked if they were hurt? Ah Sa laughed: "Of course! (Who hurt who?) Of course me, don't have to ask!" Twins was asked if they will consider doing charitable nude photo shoots? Ah Sa said: "I rather just donate the money. There is no need to go nude, that's pretty much rushing the customers away!" When speaking of many young female stars do nude photo shoots for the breast cancer foundation, Ah Gil said: "They won't come ask me to! No one will want to see it! They are models, and have good body figures."

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