Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New series 'The Prominent Family'

TVB Siu Sang Kenneth Ma, Miss HK Rebecca Zhu and young actress Bella Lam risked the cold weather and went to shoot a water scene in Sai Kung for new series The Prominent Family. The scene was about Rebecca rescuing her drowning sister Bella, but Rebecca's husband Kenneth had to rescue her and jumped in the water as well. When the director asked the three of them to jump into the sea and create a confusion for the scene, Kenneth patted his chest and said: "No problem, I'm the best at 'hugging left and right' (having girls left/right)." In diving suits, the three of them were in the water for a whole hour, no wonder Rebecca and Bella both groaned "going crazy from the cold" and "shaking crazily". Fortunately there was Big See Hing (senior) Kenneth Ma there to make gags and heat up the atmosphere. The two were singing and dancing in the water to stay warm, which made it a funny scene. As for Rebecca, who made her 'water debut', she didn't know how to float and often grabbed onto Bella as her support, and repeatedly touched her chest area. Rebecca later explained: "Bella's diving suit was orange colored, it could really stand out, so I'm just helping her cover it!" Kenneth joked: "That type of thing, I can do it!" When asked why Kenneth repeatedly put up the 'V' hand signal in the water? Kenneth really put in some 'shoe polishing oil' (sucking up) into his response: "I am the loyal minister (不二之臣) in TVB, so I have to put up a 2 sign! Also, the director brought me some luck this time, gave me two pretty girls to accompany me into the water. Haha!" Kenneth also exposed earlier when he was teaching Rebecca how to maintain balance in the water, it led to the 'aiya husband/wife' get cuts on their ankle, blood was seen. However, Rebecca didn't mind: "It was quite fun! My first jump into the water in life." Also, earlier Ron Ng too filmed a jump into the sea scene for this same series and although it was freezing, he still insisted to personally do the scene himself, very professional!

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