Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Zonta Club's 30th anniversary

TVB FaDan Linda Chung, Jade Kwan and her husband and Moiselle's Prince Kade Chan and his parents attended the Zonta Club's 30th anniversary celebration banquet last night. Linda was dressed carefully for the occasion, and expressed she rarely steps into Ball settings. When asked if she'll take the opportunity to find a boyfriend here? Linda said: "Didn't think about that. I am already happy enough to be here tonight. (Find a rich partner in these Ball settings?) Nope. Everyone knows I don't care about money, as long as my other half has a good heart and can take care of me. (Do you want him to be a good fighter too?) Pretty good, can protect me." Rumored boyfriend Philip Ng is considered a 'fighter' too, when asked what's her relationship with Philip? She did not hesitate to say: "We have a very good relationship. I cannot say how it would be to develop further, but I hope to maintain stability. I have always been low-profile when it comes to relationships. (Not going to announce your relationship?) When its stable, I can announce. (Still not stable now?) I'm not a good speaker, don't know how to handle the media, keep it low-profile is better. (Secret marriage?) If I do get marry in the future, I will definitely announce. I want everyone to care and congratulate me. I will also invite everyone to the wedding banquet."

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