Wednesday, March 21, 2012

News : Hong Kong Film Market promotion of DIVA

Joey Yung Cho Yi, Carlos Chan Ka Lok and producer Chapman To Man Jat yesterday attended the Hong Kong Film Market promotion of DIVA. Joey said that her assistant earlier watched the footage during her voice work. On the streets her assistant saw a new necklace and told her to buy it for the red carpet later. Joey said, "I too feel I have improved, but I don't feel that it was great enough for a nomination. I told my assistant to wake up! (Why do you lack confidence?) Maybe I am very demanding of myself. I already feel very happy about any improvement." Joey revealed that she already bought that necklace for five figures, of course she would have the chance she would really like to win an award. Joey felt that if an actress has a script that is scripted for her, she has to believe that was what she wants. In the story she did not need to explore much. Anything that seemed to have happened to her she only had to put it out of the drawer. The performance was very comfortable. Joey also said that she is fielding other scripts. Earlier she ran into James Yuen Sai Sun, who was interested in a sequel for CRAZY N THE CITY (SUN GAING HUP NUI). She too would like to work with the original team. Ah Jat hoped that the film would be released in the summer. Speaking of Joey's necklace purchase for film festivals, would Ah Jat give her a hand or help himself first? Ah Jat admitted that he did not have such a mentality and felt that film was passive. However he had confidence in Joey because the film wanted to unveil the dark side of stardom. Ah Jat said, "I am not saying that Joey has one, but she grew up amid jeers. If she had a smooth sailing no one would want to watch it. I have talked with her about that earlier, speaking of the hardship she too got teary eyed." Ah Jat said that everyone had love and career while growing up, but he talked about them he would become a producer without ethics. Ultimately Joey in the film performed some of her own experience.

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