Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Lau Ching Wan and Crystal Liu Yifei two nights ago attended the Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers annual banquet and received the 2011 Most Charming Actor and Actress awards. The Most Outstanding Cinematography Award went to OVERHEARD 2 (SIT TING FUNG WON 2)'s Poon Yiu Ming. Lau Ching Wan kept saying his victory was incredible and joked that he did not feel how he was charming, the eyes of cinematographers were indeed extraordinary! He admitted that he has never been called charming, even his wife has never told so. How did he attract his wife? Lau Ching Wan said, "I don't know, maybe it was honesty!" He said in his eyes the most charming actor has to be Chow Yun Fat. He even joked, "Actually many people are charming, only I am not!" Liu Yifei felt that her charm came from self confidence, her aura also came from within and had nothing to do with looks. Thus she felt everyone was charming. In her eyes the most charming artist was also Chow Yun Fat as he radiated a mature charm.

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