Tuesday, March 13, 2012

News : Jolin Tsai

It's true: Taiwanese pop princess Jolin Tsai has plans to make her foray into the fashion industry. Back in 2008, Jolin was invited to take on the role of fashion designer for America's Saks Fifth Avenue's 72 Changes collection. However, fans were unable to lay hands on their idol's creative work, because the store did not have any outlets in Taiwan. Jolin left the company when her contract ended because of the differences in vision. According to the singer's manager, "In these past few years, Jolin would share her opinions with fashion designers in New York, and attend various fashion shows to expand her knowledge about the fashion industry" and even went to London, England to catch a fashion show with her beau, Vivian Dawson. Responding to rumours that she was making preparations to enter the fashion industry, the singer replied, "Who said fashion has to be expensive? I hope to open an affordable online fashion boutique, so that everyone can look fashionable when they go out." It is believed that the 32-year-old has done thorough research on various overseas online stores, before going ahead with her plan to open an online boutique last month. The singer will set up an online clothes store with the concept "fashion can be affordable and part of daily life". Jolin added, "The fastest way for a girl to become beautiful is through the internet, which is not just for shopping, but also a place where one can get opinions." Other than her intention of dominating the fashion world, the singer will also attend the Super G!rls Festa in Japan on Apr 15. Jolin will perform as a guest artiste and share the catwalk with top models in Japan, including Chikako Watanabe, Hasegawa Jun and Karina.

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