Thursday, November 22, 2012

Jackie Chan 49th Golden Horse Award

This just in: Hong Kong martial arts star Jackie Chan will be attending the 49th Golden Horse Award Ceremony as an award presenter. Popular celebrities such as Chinese actress Li Bingbing, Hong Kong model Angelababy, director Stephen Fung, and Taiwanese top actress-models Lin Chi-ling and Sonia Sui were confirmed to attend the prestigious event. On top of that, the organizing committee has also announced that all 19 nominees for the top awards including Best Leading Actor and Actress, and Best Supporting Actor and Actress, will be present at the award ceremony. This star-studded list comprises of A-listers from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China: Nicholas Tse, Lau Ching Wan, Joseph Chang, Chapman To, Nick Cheung, Hao Lei, Bai Baihe, Dennis Ho and Gwei Lun-Mei. In related news, "Heavenly King" Andy Lau has been shuttling between Hong Kong and Taiwan to review films for the upcoming Golden Horse Awards Ceremony on November 24. The respected actor was previously announced to be the chairman of the judging committee this year.

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