Thursday, November 22, 2012

TVB Anniversary Awards 2012

TVB announced the official nomination list for TVB Anniversary Awards 2012 today. Aimee Chan was nominated for both best actress and supporting actress, but Ben Wong, who seems to have a high chance of winning Best Supporting Actor again this year, was not on the nominations at all! Ben Wong played the "Devil Cop" in Highs and Lows and his evilness was inhumane. On the discussion forums, Netizens predicted that this year's Best Supporting Actor would be a competition between Koo Ming Wa, Power Chan and Ben. However, it turns out Elliot Ngok, Ram Chiang and Jazz Lam were part of the nominations, but Ben wasn't. This means Ben has no opportunity to participate in this year's first public voting system. Yesterday reporters contacted Ben in regards to this issue. He went from being shocked to upset, he said: "I'm really astonished, of course I'm disappointed! I don't know what the norm is, but this year the public voting is about fairness and public opinion, but now I'm not even nominated. Where's the justice?! If Poon Hok Lai (his role from Highs and Lows) don't qualify for the finals, then where is the justice?" Ben asked reporters if its because he's been promoted to lead actor that he's getting 'blocked'? He blamed: "If I'm not nominated for Best Supporting, then am I a lead actor? A producer once told me, I got the award last year, so I shouldn't compete this year! I just think if someone could get TV King twice, then how come the Supporting Actor can't?" Ben got more and more angered as he spoke: "Now my chances are gone just like that, I don't even have the opportunity to be in the competition. They didn't even give me a chance. If my Poon Hok Lai role can't make it on the top 10, then I really don't believe there is justice?" Kate Tsui was just as shocked when she heard Ben didn't make it on the nominations, she said: "Huh?" Then added: "Whatever it is, we will fight for the Best Series award together! (Comfort Ben?) He's an adult, not necessary, he's a senior of mines! He understands!" Highs and Lows producer Lam Chi Wah expressed his disappointment that Ben wasn't nominated. He said: "I'm so shocked and disappointed. TVB's mechanism, I'm not too sure of, but actually we can't tell if Ben's role was one of the supporting roles or a leading role. I think he was in a leading role. We have all seen his hard work. The award is important, but the most important is what opportunities TVB will give him from here on!"

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