Thursday, November 22, 2012

Raymond Lam concert A TIME 4 YOU

Raymond Lam is holding his concert A TIME 4 YOU on January 26th and 27th. This will be his fourth consecutive year in HK Coliseum. Yesterday the press conference for the concert was held with TVB and EEG executives there to support him. Raymond's concert theme is time, although Raymond wanted to leave the audience with surprises, he revealed after he completes this concert, he will be taking a 1-2 year break from the stage. "Actually I already said I was going to take a break for two years already. also next year, I have several films I have to shoot and really can't make the time on my schedule." When asked if he's already got Virgina Lok's approval? Raymond laughed: "I just told Miss Lok backstage, she just laughed out loud 'haha' in response." Aside from the schedule conflicts, Raymond added: "I will continue to be in the music scene and release albums, but I hope I'll be give more time to save up songs. Also, I want to take this opportunity to breathe and absorb some new knowledge." Raymond hopes after he takes his break and if he does get more opportunities to hold concerts in the future, he will definitely bring new elements to his music fans. When speaking of Wayne Lai being one of the hot favorites for TV King this year, it was rumored TVB plans to give both the "Asia-Pacific Most Popular Male Singer" and "Most Popular Male Singer" awards to Raymond as a way to comfort him on losing the TV King award. Raymond said he has not heard of this rumor, but he has heard the singer awards will be based on public vote. Earlier Eliza Sam collaborated with Raymond on his mini film Love Charming One Minute was shown at the press conference. The director and Eliza personally attended the event to support him. Raymond said Eliza plays a female ghost in the mini film, but because she's not considered the terrifying type, her cheerful personality really fits the role. As for Eliza, she expressed she is fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Raymond.

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