Sunday, December 16, 2012

55th Asia-Pacific Film Festival 2012

The 55th Asia-Pacific Film Festival 2012 was held in Macau last night. There were a total of 12 awards presented. Flipino actor Eddie Garcia and Taiwanese actress Gwei Lun-Mei were crowned Film King and Queen. HK veteran actor Lo Hoi Pang and Japanese actress Makiko Watanabe won Best Supporting Actor and Actress. TVB was fully supportive at the award show, their artists JJ Jia, Eliza Sam (Heung Heung), Kate Tsui and Wilson Chin kicked off the awards ceremony with singing and dancing. Other guests include Kenneth Ma, Bosco Wong and Michael Tse.

Heung Heung appeared wearing her DIY red dress, she disclosed the fabric and thread she used to sew her dress were purchased from Sham Shui Po, she said: "I only spent HK$250, but that doesn't include the sewing machine. (Make dresses for other FaDans too?) I have that idea too. I've made a few evening dresses since coming back to HK." When Kate walked down the red carpet, she kept mingling with her dress as she walked, she said: "The dress is too heavy. Also, I've been nervous about the TVB awards lately, so I've some weight and only can clamp onto my dress as I walk. I'm afraid the dress will get out of place!"

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