Sunday, December 16, 2012

TV King, TV Queen and Best Series

[Mingpao Weekly] continues their 'I Vote the TV King and Queen 2012' poll into the third day. On the first day, there were over 33,000 votes, and up until last night at 9pm, a total of 160,556 people voted for TV King, TV Queen and Best Series.

The updated results are as follows:

TV King:
01. Raymond Lam (36%)
02. Moses Chan (25%)
03. Kenneth Ma (13%)

TV Queen:
01. Charmaine Sheh (31%)
02. Fala Chen (24%)
03. Tavia Yeung (16%)
04. Kate Tsui (15%)

Best Series:
01. Highs and Lows (37%)
02. When Heaven Burns (31%)
03. The Hippocratic Crush (15%)

Raymond Lam openly said he hopes to take the TV King seat. Before the voting ends, he rushes back to HK to collect final votes. Yesterday he frankly said: "I've been nominated several times in my 10 years in the industry, this year I really want to get the award once." He feels the breakthrough this time was something that was hard to believe for him. As for some actors complaining in the competition for awards, they can't compare to idol actors. Raymond said: "Artists get votes because their performance attracted attention and recognition. It is not about the different age groups, it is about what the audience likes, everyone has a chance." Raymond sees Astro's TV King Kenneth Ma as his greatest opponent, so he will copy Kate Tsui's tactic and actively promote and does not hope to lose a single vote. "I don't know how to vote yet, I will learn as soon as possible and collect other people's ID cards. I will vote for myself and my partner Kate Tsui."

[The Sun] As for Fala Chen's ugly girl Chung Mo Yim role in Queens of Diamonds and Hearts got good response, Fala happily said: "It's already really good to gain recognition. Of course I hope to get the [award]! When I was shooting Queens, it was quite difficult, every artist put in a lot of effort. But as far as voting, I cannot control. (Work harder in promotions to get more votes?) Not necessary, most important is entertaining the audience. I'm laid back every year. (Tell fans to help you get more votes?) They are pretty low-key too."

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