Wednesday, December 12, 2012

AMeiZing Live World Tour

Taiwanese diva A-Mei held her AMeiZing Live World Tour at Kaohsiung, Taiwan last night, accomplishing the feat of being the first Chinese singer to throw a concert at the Kaohsiung World Games Main Stadium.

Despite an NT$83.9 million (S$3.52 million) set-up, which consists of a four-storey tall rainbow hot balloon, a hundred-metre mobile stage, two additional sets of costumes apart from those from her previous shows, more than 50 songs performed and 45,000 fans in the arena, the media focused primarily on her weight issues.

'Today's performance is different from usual," the 40-year-old lamented. "Many cameras and pens are pointing at me. No matter how well I sang and performed, the focus will still be on my figure.'

Although the songstress shared that she has been cycling religiously to shed some pounds, she poked fun at herself, saying, 'I'm sorry if you want me to be stick-thin. A-Mei can only be a singer and not a model.'
In related news, nearly 1000 people reportedly asked for refunds of their tickets due to the inferior sound system at the concert. The organizer clarified regarding this, 'We have yet to receive any feedback of such at the moment.'

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