Wednesday, December 12, 2012

TVB8 Golden Music Awards 2012

TVB8 Top Ten Gold Songs
Joey Yung - 雾里看花 (Watching Flowers in Fog)
Yisa Yu - 失恋事小 (Fall Out of Love No Big Deal)
Raymond Lam - 頑石點頭 (Stones Nod)
MIC男團 - Get It Hot
Alfred Hui - 遺棄 (Abandoned)
VC Tan - 傾聽 (Listen)
Charlene Choi - 為什麼 (For What)
Vincy Chan - 一天一天 (One Day One Day)
Jing Chang - 喘息 (Take A Breath)

Global Audience Favorite Cantonese Songs
Raymond Lam - 顽石 (Stone)
G.E.M - What Have U Done
Joey Yung - 墙纸 (Wallpaper)

Best Duet:
Alfred Hui, Jinny Ng - 知己 (Intimate Friend)

Best Composer
Lo Ta Yu - Do Re Mi

Best Songwriter
Ah Shun - OAOA (Present is the Future)

Best Song Arrangement
Mayday, Chien Ci Chen - 諾亞方舟 (Noah's Arch)

Best Newcomers
Gold: Herbert Wu
Silver: 4ever
Bronze: Fala Chen

Best Singer-Songwriters
Gold: G.E.M
Silver: Jing Chang
Bronze: Bianca Wu

Best Groups
Gold: Suger Club
Silver: MIC男團
Bronze: TJ (Thomas Jack)

Mainland Audience Favorite Male Singer

Mainland Audience Favorite Female Singer:
Charlene Choi

Most Popular Male Singer:
Raymond Lam

Most Popular Female Singer:
Joey Yung

Gold Song Gold Award:
Joey Yung - 雾里看花 (Watching Flowers in the Fog)

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