Sunday, December 16, 2012

Chinese Music Awards 2012

A few days ago, Kary Ng was at the radio station for an interview. When speaking of her bitter debut, she expressed she was unhappy when people said her looks can't compare to Stephy Tang and Theresa Fu. She said: "Back when we were still in Cookies, one time we were taking a large group picture and I got the middle spot, but the reporters told me to stand in the back row. Although I was unhappy, I wasn't upset and could only take it in. I thought to myself, I'm just a singer, why am I getting compared." She sighed and said there a frequently rumors that she got plastic surgery done, which really bothers her.

In addition, Universal Music singers swept 22 awards at the Chinese Music Awards 2012 hosted in Guangzhou and was the bing winner! Eason Chan and Kary were the individual big winners. Depending on his two songs, Because of Love and Bitter Melon, Eason won a total of 6 awards including the 'Top Ten Chinese Songs', 'Most Chosen KTV Song' and 'Global Chinese Most Appreciated Singer'; Kary won a total of 5 awards including 'Top Ten Chinese Songs', 'Outstanding Female Performer', and 'Outstanding Song Performance'. During Eason's acceptance speech, he thanked fans and said gaining recognition from fans is the greatest driving force for his continual commitment to making music. When Kary accepted her awards, she had red-teary eyes, and expressed she was only able to get this honor because of all the efforts from the behind-the-scenes team. Also, since Wilfred Lau announced he's dating Joey Yung, it was the first time Wilfred and Denise Ho appeared on the same stage, but the two were on stage at different times. Denise won 4 big awards.

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