Sunday, December 16, 2012

Concert Love Voyage World Tour in Hong Kong

Taiwanese cute singer Rainie Yang's three show concert Love Voyage World Tour in Hong Kong was held at HK Coliseum last night. It was a full house with no empty seats. She appeared suspended, dressed in a white princess dress and accompanied with a plastic tiara.

Following the kick off show two nights ago at EMAX, last night she steps into HK Coliseum and since her concert was so popular, an additional show was added for tomorrow night. How could anyone turn away from the cute and charming singer! Before the concert began, Rainie was dressed in a black jacket and tied up her hair for the blessing ceremony, in hope for a successful concert. She was surrounded by a large group of fans.

Rainie's concert had three stages, and once she appeared the entire arena screamed their hearts out! Rainie kicked off the concert with her song Seeking Guidance. Raine later changed into a short dress with transparent tape, revealing her white leggings and performed a series of fast songs. The super cute Rainie greeted fans in Cantonese, she said: "Hello Hong Kong! I'm Rainie Yang. Those sitting up in the top, can you all see me? I'm very tiny, why don't you all come down here!"

Rainie joked her Cantonese is actually amazing, "I know there are many fans not from Hong Kong today, but tonight I will speak more Cantonese. I think my Cantonese is pretty OK." The fans screamed enthusiastically showing their support. When she performed Take Me Away, Rainie sang half of the song and suddenly stepped off the stage and was hang upside down to continue singing the rest of the song. A very shocking moment!

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