Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Raymond's 33rd birthday

Raymond Lam made a special trip back to Hong Kong to hold an autograph session for his latest album Self-Portrait and attracted over a 100 fans to support him at the mall. Raymond played games with the fans and got the fan girls screaming in excitement.

Raymond's 33rd birthday was on December 8th. He reveals he spent his birthday filming in Hengdian. He said: "At the time, I was in the middle of filming and suddenly everyone from the crew surrounded me. They started dancing and pushed out a birthday cake to celebrate with me. Although I was a little frightened, but I had a good time." When asked if his birthday wish is to become TV King? He expressed: "That is one of my wishes, every year people say I'm the hot favorite, but actually I'm already happy to be nominated."

When Raymond completed the autograph session, he went back to Mainland to continue shooting, but he made it clear that he will definitely be back in HK to attend the TVB anniversary awards, he said: "After all, this is an annual large scale event. Also, even if I don't get any awards, I will still rush back to thank everyone who voted for me." When asked if he'll copy Wayne Lai and hand out supermarket coupons to get more people to vote for him? He joked: "Well then I'll give out the watches and jewelry from my sponsor."

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