Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ten Best Dressed Personalities Awards

Myolie Wu attended the "Ten Best Dressed Personalities Awards" hosted by Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association along with Daniel Chan, Sandra Ng, Calvin Choy, Zhang Zilin, Khalil Fong, etc. This is Myolie and Daniel's first time getting this award.

Myolie appeared dressed neutrally, she smiled and said she had always loved neutral looks. She is happy to get this award for the first time, she said: "I love fashion. I usually shop online for clothes and high heels because you can shop anytime online, no fear of the store closing." It turns out Myolie likes to buy high heels the most, she has over 100 pairs of heels at home and hopes her future daughter will have the same shoe size as her, so she can pass them down to her! When speaking of Myolie's new home, she expressed she has already gotten used to living with her sister, she said: "I feel blessed because this is a home sweet home I personally created, but I'm not ready to bring a man in to live with me."

Daniel expressed his younger brother Mark Chan brought his model wife and three month old nephew to the award show to witness him getting this fashion award for the first time. Daniel carried his nephew and showed everyone how much he loved him. When asked when he'll be starting a family? He said even before he made it back to HK, his friends had already been sending him messages saying they have girls to introduce to him. He said: "I've dated several times in Mainland and not one time there was good results. I think I have to find a wife back in HK, we'll click more." Daniel expressed he likes gentle and filal girls, but as an artist, Daniel believes a relationship is indeed a luxury.

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