Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tung Wah Charity Show 2012

TVB held the annual Tung Wah Charity Show 2012 and successfully raised a total of $90,388,888. Although this year the show had a dim 'star light' and the show only relied on 'heavy flavored' performances, the funds raised still broke last year's record of $87,926,516. The donors Carmen and Kathy especially performed a "Cat Duet" on stage, which set off the climax of the show and raised $2 million. Carmen and Kathy were both disguised as black and white cats respectively and performed Opera in their cat voices accompanied with piano music in the background. Carmen and Kathy were 'meowing' for more than 3 minutes, stunning the entire studio audience.

Nancy Sit had always been the "Ka Lai Star" (卡拉之星) at the Tung Wah charity shows and usually gets the most donations, but last night she announced this would be her final year because the performance occurs too late in the night, leaving her in exhaustion and she has pain in her legs. In the future years, she will only participate in the show as the MC or in other performances. When asked if its going to be a disappointment without her as the "Ka Lai Star"? She said: "Nope! There will be new talents and this year, I especially asked Bob Lam to help us out." Although this is Nancy's final "Ka Lai Star" performance, she still put in a lot of effort into learning the Gangnam Style lyrics and dance routine. When she performed the Gangnam Style horse-riding dance, her son's boss donated $1 million to support her. She got the studio audience really high as she sang and dance, and successfully raised $330,000 for her whole performance. After the show ended, she agreed to do the dance three more times as requested by the audience.

Bob Lam and Penny Chan were disguised as Lee Heung Kam and Tam Bing for their outstanding duet "You Come Back" (你回來吧); they successfully pulled in another $31,800 of donations. Bob, disguised as Lee Heung Kam did not only slap Penny's pat pat out of the blue, but also suddenly kissed him on the lips. The two expressed they did rehearse that part prior to the show, but asked if they're worried that the 'heavy flavored' performance may get complaints? Bob said: "Perhaps 'Ka Lai Star' will get the first complaint in history. We just hope audience enjoy watching and don't complain." Nancy especially named Bob to take over as the "Ka Lai Star"? Bob expressed he is very grateful of Nancy's continuous care for him.

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