Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sammo Hung daughter-in-law Janet Chow

Sammo Hung showered his daughter-in-law Janet Chow with gifts worth over HK$1 million (approximately S$160,000) to reward her for giving birth to his first grandson. According to the Hong Kong media, Sammo's son Timmy Hung and his wife Janet welcomed their first child in January this year. To celebrate his grandson's 100th day birthday, Sammo threw a 15-table banquet last Tuesday. The Hong Kong action star generously paid for all expenses and personally took care of everything. Before setting off for the celebration, Sammo told his daughter-in-law that he will give her a car of her choice as a present. Not wanting her father-in-law to spend too much money, Janet picked an Audi Q5 worth HK$600,000 (approximately S$96,000) over a million-dollar sports car. She explained that the new car is spacious, stable, value-for-money and allows her to drive her son around safely. Sammo appeared to be in a good mood throughout the banquet and even took the initiative to speak to reporters. He said, 'I have to reward Janet because she is such an obedient daughter-in-law, so I offered to buy her a car. I thought that it will be more convenient for her to bring TJ out if she has a car.' 'Including all the jewelries and tonics that I bought for her in the past, I have given her gifts worth a total of at least 1 million!' He added An insider revealed that Sammo dotes on his daughter-in-law very much. He said, 'Sammo is actually very meticulous. During Janet's confinement period after giving birth, he asked Timmy's mother (Sammo's ex-wife Zhou En Yu) to accompany her and personally bought her plenty of tonics. He said that the cost of the tonics 'does not matter as long as she recuperates well.' Janet also reportedly received necklaces, gold bracelets, gold charms from Sammo as a form of reward for giving birth to his first grandson. The doting grandfather also gave TJ a wide variety of gold jewelry that symbolised good luck and safety.

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