Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lynn Xiong split with Aaron Kwok

Following her high-profile split with Aaron Kwok, Lynn Xiong finally opens up and talks about the grievances she suffered over the past seven years at a recent interview with the Chinese media. The model-actress claims to be independent and self-reliant since she started working at the age of 19. She added that while living with the status of the 'heavenly king's girlfriend' over the past seven years, there were many times when she had to force herself to do things she disliked doing. Lynn further revealed that she once envisioned what her future wedding would be like, but she has now given up expectations. Adding that she wants to let nature take its own course, the 32-year-old said that she just wants to focus on her career now and lead a simple life. After ending her seven-year relationship with Hong Kong star Aaron Kwok last month, the model-actress has been putting on a brave front, insisting that she has put the past behind her. She reportedly went back to her hometown in Nanjing on Mother's Day last week to recover from her breakup with Aaron and accompany her mother. Sharing a photo of her playing mahjong with family and friends at her mother's place on the internet, Lynn commented, 'It's good to be back home.' Meanwhile, Aaron was spotted celebrating Mother's Day with his mother at a restaurant in Causeway Bay. With a smile on his face, the singer-actor even greeted reporters who were waiting outsides. However, when reporters asked his mother how she feels celebrating Mother's Day without Lynn this year, Aaron immediately showed a black face before leaving in a hurry.

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