Tuesday, June 25, 2013

16th Shanghai International Film Festival

Yesterday at the 16th Shanghai International Film Festival, Nick Cheung was crowned Film King based on his role in Guild Wars. For his played out boxer role, Nick worked real hard on physical training out his "chocolate" muscles. He also got himself several cuts and bruises from filming the boxing scenes. He finally feels comfort from receiving the Film King honor. When Nick accepted his award, he said: "It is very difficult to get this award at the Shanghai International Film Festival because it is not only us, there are many other international competitors. For this reason, I feel especially honored and excited. The little girl (Crystal Lee), whom had just won the best actress award, I couldn't believe it. She is such a young Film Queen. What are we going to do in the future? After this award, I will keep on working hard and striving." Crystal Lee, a 10 year old child actress, is the youngest Best Actress title holder. Because the microphone was too high for her, she had to tippie-toe up to give her acceptance speech. Crystal had a wide smile on her face and hardly had any stage fright, she said: "Good evening everyone! First, I want to thank the director and film company for giving me this opportunity. I also have to thank the judge teacher. Thank you all." The MC knew Crystal knew many languages, so he invited her to greet the audience in different languages. Crystal greeted the audience in Malay, English, Japanese and Cantonese. The audience cheered in support. In Guild Wars, Nick and Crystal played neighbors, the two have no blood relation, but their relationship developed like a real father-daughter. The big winner of the night was Russian film The Major and Swedish film Fortroligheten, each won 3 awards.

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