Tuesday, June 25, 2013

News : TVB's The Voice 4

TVB's The Voice 4 celebrity version recorded its second episode last night. New contestants included Becky Lee and Aaryn Cheung; Oscar Leung, Fred Cheng, Stanley Cheung and Benjamin Yuen were back for round two. Becky performed the musical song Think of Me. Her singing skills startled everyone, even veteran singer Sally Yeh modestly expressed she isn't qualified to judge her. During Becky's performance, the stage released smoke to accompany her singing. Eric Woo immediately bashed TVB: "Save the smoke! The temperature can really impact the singing!" After episode one, Fred Cheng came into the second round with the highest score. In this episode, he dedicated the English song Angels to his late grandfather. He said in tears: "When my grandfather passed away, I wasn't able to see him for the last time." Eric Woo instantly invited him to be a guest performer at his concert: "If I was the boss of TVB, I would definitely start a business and make you a singer." Oscar didn't have the singing skills, and was on the verge of getting eliminated. He later expressed he knows he has a problem with his rhythm and does not mind the criticisms. Benjamin Yuen performed the Mandarin song How Many Small Loves Can Return (有多少愛可以重來), which got the lowest score of the night. The judges including Eric Kwok, Eric Woo and Sally Yeh encouraged Benjamin to just go back to acting. Eric Kwok said: "Last episode, I told you to be an actor, don't be a singer. This episode, I'm telling you don't waste your time. Your singing sounds like you're going through execution. Go back to acting!" Eric Woo thought Benjamin's voice sounds better when he's reading his lines, but he lacks the mediant key in his singing. Sally said his voice is wasted like a lullaby. Eric Woo joked: "Sally Yeh couldn't sleep last night, she called him and listened to his singing, then she went right to sleep." Benjamin later wrote on Weibo: "I spent the last few years on studying acting, and in exchange I get: 'You go back to acting, don't sing.' Does it ache hearing this? Yes! It's really aching me, but I am grateful for every comment made by each judge because the truth is the most valuable." "Ka Ming" Stanley Cheung was also eliminated. Eric Woo said his singing is systemless. All he does is sing loudly, like he's shouting.

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