Wednesday, June 26, 2013

2GETHER 4EVER world tour

Halfway through the second night of their 2GETHER 4EVER world tour on Sunday, S.H.E members Selina Jen and Ella Chen shouted their husbands' names lovingly, inspiring thunderous cheers from the audience. Agitated by her members' behaviour, singleton Hebe Tian jokingly exclaimed that she is 'not going to sing anymore' in the middle of their performance, bringing much laughter to the house. To mark S.H.E's first concert in 3 years, many special effects and pyrotechnics were used during the show. After the concert, Selina admitted that the loud sounds made by explosives sent chills down her spine as they reminded her of the filming accident in Shanghai. The strong-willed singer, however, tried her best to overcome her fear and put up a stunning performance. On the other hand, Ella, who was recently described by Taiwanese media as a 'soon-to-be auntie', proved the reports wrong by doing push-ups in her elaborate stage costume. At the end of the concert, Ella choked on tears and said, 'I've always felt like I'm the worst singer in the group.' 'Worried that I'd affect their singing because of that, I held the microphone far away from me yesterday,' she added, as the trio huddled together in tears after her confession.

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