Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mark Lui's 3 night THANK YOU Concert

Mark Lui's 3 night THANK YOU Concert ended last night. Eason Chan, Real Ting, Timmy Hung and his wife Janet Chow were all there to support him. The guest performers included Kelly Chen, Daniel Chan, Alex Fong, Stephy Tang, Edmond Leung and Miriam Yeung. A reader disclosed that night when Kelly and Daniel were dueting, they were trying to boost the atmosphere, but Daniel accidentally threw a "dragon fist" at Kelly. She immediately raised her head and covered her mouth, but continued the performance. Later, Kelly's manager admitted she did get "attacked", she had a small scrape on her lip and a little blood. Daniel's manager explained the two were dancing too close to one another. Apologies for the accident and hope Kelly is fine. During Daniel's solo part, he was dressed in a fish-net top showing off his muscles. He disclosed he has been working out just for this performance. When Daniel went to shake hands, one fan didn't want to let go and kept pulling on him. Miriam was on stage constantly fidgeting with her dress, she laughed and said after having a baby, she has had a lot of clear cuts. Alex and his girlfriend Stephy Tang appeared at the concert. Mark introduced them on stage with: "The most hit duets in history because their duets had real feelings. Once they come out, they are as happy as newly weds." Fans cheered: "Get marry!" Alex came out thanking fans: "This pairing has left such a deep impression on audience, we can even be a married couple later." Stephy said: "We already done that before." Alex said dating for 7 years is a long time, but Stephy suddenly asked him if he had the 7 year itch? He said anxiously: "So far so good." Stephy took advantage and started whining: "Actually we don't get to see one another often because we're working in two different places." Asked if the couple had plans for marriage? Alex stuttered and expressed he does not have plans yet, leave it to fate. Stephy said: "Perhaps he won't be proposing to me. Just wait until I have kids, then we'll plan for marriage."

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