Friday, June 07, 2013

New store opening of JUST GOLD

Yesterday Niki Chow attended the new store opening of JUST GOLD. It was announced Niki is the company's spokesperson of greater China. The event organizers hired magician Louis Fan, whom Linda Chung previously played a practical joke on, to perform a magic trick with Niki. He magically made the jewelry and clothes on the poster with Niki in it disappeared. Niki laughed: "Don't take it out to show everyone, I can't even show myself in a bikini." Niki expressed the organizers arranged her outfit, she said: "I don't need to show my body shape, I've always had a normal girl figure and I accept it." When speaking of Just Gold giving her lots of golden jewelries? She said: "I hope I find my Mr. Right soon, and fulfill everyone's wish. I'm working hard on giving others a chance." She frankly expressed she's been going out on dates with a pursuer, "Some may have feelings for me and although I don't have the same feelings yet, I won't be as picky as I used to." She enjoys the single life and the feeling of having pursuers, but she's not in a rush to get married. "I really like children. I may end up having a child before getting married. (You want a son and not a husband?) I'm not that crazy, like borrowing a man's sperm. I want a husband to take care of the baby with me, then that would be perfect." Niki's new TVB series A Change of Heart's premiere averaged at 24 points? She happily said: "The series has good discussions going on. I have a lot of kiss scenes with Bosco Wong this time, the most I've ever had in a series. I also have a kiss scene with Michael Miu. There is one intense and passionate scene with Bosco, but I'm not sure if the scene is going to get cut or not." She expressed when she first got the script, there were too many daring and intense scenes, but adjustments were later made to the script to reduce the amount.

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