Friday, June 07, 2013

Hong Kong Green Day event

Yesterday Charmaine Sheh attended the Hong Kong Green Day event. At the event, Charmaine denied joining Eric Tsang's artist management company. Her previous meeting with Eric had nothing to do with contracts. Asked if he invited her to be in his TV series? Charmaine said: "He did before. The earliest I could come back for a TVB series is next year." Is TVB asking her to come back to rescue them? Charmaine didn't understand the question, but when she learned Beauty At War did poorly, she had a huge reaction: "Are you kidding?! I watched it, but I'm not pertinent enough because I've seen the script before and didn't think it was difficult to understand. I'm a loyal fan of Jonathan Chik and Chow Yuk Ming. No matter how bad the ratings are, I still think its a good series." Does Charmaine feel lucky she wasn't part of the series? She said there is no relation. Beginning 2014, TVB hopes to give their artists at least 8 hours of rest time and 80% of the completed script prior to the start of filming. Charmaine said: "Many series has a script before filming starts. I'm happy to hear about the 8 hour rest time! Rest time is very important to an artist because not enough rest will affect the performance and that isn't fair to the audience." Although many artists are leaving TVB to earn the "real money" in Mainland, Charmaine believes TVB has their own method to keep artists, such as giving pay raises.

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