Wednesday, June 19, 2013

News : The 9th Widow

During the conference, Liu Peiqi announced, “This is a series of revolution, which is edited from Yan Geling’s work, a conventional awareness towards revolution, and we are the first of the firsts.” ‘The 9th Widow’ is a tale about how Wang Putao faces the chaos of wartime, natural disaster, with much determination and wisdom, a feminine legendary of the wartime era. Michelle Ye plays Wang Putao, whose relationship is full of challenges. She is not able to be with her first love, while her husband is murdered on the night of her wedding. She also is heartbroken when her much respected father-in-law is shot to ‘death’ as a betrayer. Michelle revealed: “Although it is about the relationship of a father-in-law and his son’s wife, there is not the slightest negative affair involved.” The series also incorporated elements that the youngsters preferred: “For example brighter and more colorful scenes, a sweet love relationship which becomes saddening, those were added for more appeal.” Michelle Ye expressed: “Although the story is based on the timeline where we are fighting the Japanese invasion, the costumes, make up and artistic elements were handled by a crew who were recognized by the Golden Horse Awards. We were able to film a heroic and appealing film based on such a conventional storyline. Michelle Ye who transformed from an actress towards becoming a producer, smiled saying she is already on track: “I still have much more dreams as a producer, there is still much to work for.” She also said, it is still more profitable for her to be an actress, as her route as a producer is still in the very elementary stage, and is merely for her educational purposes.

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