Wednesday, June 19, 2013

News : The 9th Widow

Li Dong Xue who was the cast of ‘Legend of Concubine Zhen Huan’, plays a saddening yet beautiful lover couple with Michelle Ye, where both were in love yet unable to be together, torturing both Wang Putao and Sun Shaoyong. There were rumors earlier on that both were so absorbed in the characters and were even photographed to be holding hands intimately. During the press conference, under the bombards of questions from the reporters, Michelle Ye could not help smiling: “I really do like Li Dong Xue, really, really like, personally we are very good friends. I definitely… was deeply in love with him. Are you satisfied with this answer?” However, Michelle Ye’s attitude which was too open led to more doubts instead. Is this a dialogue from the series or a sincere confession? To this, Michelle said again: “I have sincerely answered once, I definitely was deeply in love with him before. I still do love him now, in all aspects; Him, I don’t know, he knows I like him, I think he likes me too, love in all aspects too!” Michelle Ye who is 33 this year does sound being in sweet love. When asked which aspect of Li Dong Xue she loves most, Michelle smiled: “Handsome!”

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