Tuesday, June 25, 2013


The 51 year old Andy Lau Tak Wa and wife Carol Chu Lai Sin secretly wed in Las Vegas on June 23 2008. 4 years later they had a daughter. Hanna Lau Heung Wai is already one year old this year. Some said that Wa Jai once revealed to friends plan to have another child. Yesterday was Wa Jai and his wife's 5th anniversary. Wa Jai while attending a film event with co-star Sammi Cheng Sau Man demonstrated the highly difficult tango steps in the film. Wa Jai showed his hip strength and received praises from Sammi for being willing and able. Wa Jai and Sammi yesterday promoted their film BLIND DETECTIVE (MAN TAM), which happened to be the 5th anniversary of Wa Jai's wedding anniversary. Earlier he and his wife were rumored to want another child, but Wa Jai who valued privacy refused to mention his family. At the event, he and co-star Sammi shared the collaboration experience and played games with the live audience. They also demonstrated a highly difficult tango move. Sammi leaned forward and Wa Jai leaned back as they pulled with their arms. They then made different poses and performed in tune, but Wa Jai was more impressed with the male viewers' pose. In the game, Wa Jai saw a female contestant with her hands tied with rope. He actually used his mouth to untie it like a gentleman. Wa Jai and Sammi during the interview talked about the tango around the piano scene. They trained two months before the shoot, but the choreography was not exaggerated enough. Thus they made many last minute changes, which were what they felt was the most difficult. However they believed that it would bring out a comedic effect. They also had confidence in the box office. Speaking of Wa Jai's display of flexibility, Wa Jai humbly said, "That's normal! The male viewer was even more amazing!" Sammi humorously said, "Wa Jai is willing and able!" The Wa Jai produced Mainland youth film SINGING WHEN WE ARE YOUNG new female director Liu Juan received the jury special prize at the 16th Shanghai International Film Festival Asian New Talent Award. She tearfully thanked boss Wa Jai for supporting this film. Wa Jai said, "I too am very happy to win this award. I feel this film is very hot. The film will be released soon, in the same slot as Sammi and my BLIND DETECTIVE. We are truly in danger, ha ha!" Wa Jai admitted that he has thought about directing but has not confirmed any plan. He will consider it after the concert tour.

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