Tuesday, June 25, 2013

News : 2GETHER 4EVER world tour

S.H.E kicked off their 2GETHER 4EVER world tour in Taipei Arena on Saturday to a house of 11,000 fans. Member Selina Jen was visibly emotional and tearfully thanked fans for their support. This was the first time in 37 months that the group held a concert after Selina sustained injuries when a fire broke out on the set of her drama. The girls spared no expense for their concert, incorporating special effects such as holograms of themselves which charmed the audience. The three bantered on-stage, saying that they worked hard at the gym to be able to show their toned bodies to their fans. Selina shed tears when she spoke to the fans, expressing, 'My heart is filled with gratefulness.' She shared that she once thought that she would not be able to live a normal life after the accident. 'But look at me now '“ I can be happy, I can laugh and sprint towards my husband's embrace. I can run, I can jump, I can even sing here. As long as (you) live, don't give up and have hope.' Her husband memorably exclaimed on-stage, 'Wife, I love you' three years ago and has stayed by Selina's side throughout her difficult recovery period. The visibly touched singer exclaimed, 'Thank you. Thank you to everyone who loves me.' Ella's husband, Alvin Lai, and Hebe's reported beau, JJ Lin, were also seen present at Saturday's concert. JJ has maintained that he is 'good friends' with the 30-year-old songstress.

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