Thursday, June 20, 2013

News : Detective & Doctors

Lately Raymond Lam had been busy filming for Mainland series Detective & Doctors (aka Luk Siu Fung), but yesterday he had a day off to attend a new fashion store opening in HK. Raymond appeared to have put on some weight, he smiled and admitted: "I've been in Mainland for a long period shooting for an action costume series, so I must consume enough starchy foods, otherwise I'm afraid I won't be able to physically handle it. Also the food there is on the greasy side, so I gained some weight." Raymond disclosed he will only be in HK for a little bit because he will have to go back to Mainland soon to start on producer Lau Kar Ho & Miu Siu Ching's nowTV costume drama The Virtuous Queen of Han (大漢賢后衛子夫). It was rumored Virgina Lok originally wanted HK$20 million for his participation in this series, but Raymond insisted on reducing it to HK$10 million because producer Lau Kar Ho is a good friend of his. Raymond said: "nowTV made the investment into this series, TVB accepted it for me and I will be starting on it soon. (Rumored you insisted on reducing the price?) TVB discussed the prices. Just as long as the terms are reasonable, I will accept it. I believe TVB have considered all factors, such as the scheduling. However, I'm happy because I did collaborate with Kar Ho gor before. This time, we get a completed script and I have confidence on my character." Once Raymond starts shooting in Mainland, he won't get to see girlfriend Karena Ng as much? He said: "I'm not talking about my private life. (Has she complained about not getting to see you?) No, I'm not talking about my personal life. Thanks for the concern." Good friend Moses Chan had a shotgun marriage with Aimee Chan in Paris, Raymond said: "Congratulations. (Are you going to be more careful?) Not talking about these things. My work is the most important right now." Raymond expressed he loves children and enjoys family life. Asked when he plans to get married? He said: "I haven't thought about it yet. When the time is right, I will do what is right. Right now, work is my priority. (Will you announce when you get married?) Not necessary."

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