Thursday, June 20, 2013

TVB new series Awfully Lawful

TVB new series Awfully Lawful premiered last night. The four middle-aged men Roger Kwok, Johnson Lee, Pal Sinn and Raymond Cho were hilarious and won back great TV rating results. The premiere rating was 29 points (~1.86 million) and peaked at 30 points (~1.92 million viewers). This is the highest premiere rating as of late, but Netizens discussed whether the series copied Korean drama A Gentleman's Dignity. The cute and lively child actors who played "Sing Fong" and "Sing Yee" also caught a lot of attention. Ceci So who plays Roger's secretary was also the center of attention. Netizens recognized her from Divas In Distress as So Gay's adopted mother, but this time in Awfully Lawful she appears in a low-cut outfit. Netizens exclaimed: "so deep!" Ceci responded on Weibo that this is the sexiest she has been in her acting career. Liza Wang praised: "Auntie So, you have some material!" Ceci thanked the costume team for their assistance!

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