Friday, June 28, 2013

News : Ip Man 3

Actor-producer Raymond Wong and Donnie Yen recently dismissed rumours that have been going around regarding their supposed conflict that resulted in Donnie withdrawing from "Ip Man 3". According to HK Chanel, it was reported that Donnie had decided to withdraw from the third instalment as a respect and support to its director and long-time collaborator, Wilson Yip, who was reportedly replaced by Raymond's son and screenwriter, Edmond Wong as the director of the third movie. However, rumours now are rife that Donnie was actually sacked from the production after demanding to be paid HKD 50 million (approx. UD 6,445,400) to reprise his role as Ip Man again. To this, Raymond said, "This is not true. I don't pay him more than what other productions gives him. I've never questioned his price." The director also revealed that he is still interested to make the movie with Wilson and Donnie, although 2013 will not be the year for production, seeing that both director and actor are involved in many projects this year. Meanwhile, when asked regarding the conflict, Donnie said, "Raymond is my senior, and I respect him. Everybody in this world knows that Raymond has paid me a 'friendship' price, far lower than what [directors] Peter Lam, Albert Yeung, Stephen Shiu, and Alexander Wong have given me." When asked if he would reprise his role as Ip Man in this year or the next, Donnie stated that it's a decision that he has yet to confirm due to his hectic schedule.

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