Friday, June 28, 2013

News : TVB series Property Protector

Last night when Steven Ma was filming for TVB series Property Protector, he got hit in between his eyes by a flying fake gun that accidentally slipped out of his on-screen partner's hand. He started bleeding instantly. Producer Leung Choi Yuen sent Steven to the hospital immediately. Once Steven was treated, he was discharged and the producer helped him into the taxi to go home for rest. Steven will get back to filming as soon as his wound heals and his eye stops swelling. Reporters later contacted Steven for details, he frankly expressed the left side of his nose bridge had a bone fracture and because he had previously injured his left eye before, it is now swollen. He said: "Last night, my left nostril felt stuffed because I had a nose bleed before and there are some damage inside. At the time of the accident, I felt a little dizzy and sat there for a long time before my spirit came back. There really was a lot of blood gushing out Ten minutes later, I called my assistant to bring a mirror over. But that moment when the accident happened, I felt so sweet at heart because Tavia Yeung helped me wipe away my sweat and blood. Raymond Cho gave me a glass of water. They were so anxious." When asked who was the "culprit"? Steven frankly expressed it was not his partner's fault. "The scene was about my partner pointing the gun at me, then I kick the gun out of his hand with my right foot, and then he throws a punch at me. At the time, my kick was pretty powerful, his finger was still hooked on the gun and the gun ends up flying at me!" Steven gratefully said its fortunate his left eye was injured, otherwise if it was his right eye, he may have ended up blind. "Because when I was shooting A Change of Destiny in 2006, a horse kicked me in the eye and the retina in my right eye came loose. If the accident had happened on my right eye again, my retina can easily fall out and I'll definitely go blind then." As to when he'll be getting back to work, it depends on his condition in the next 5 days. Steven will need lots of rest and cannot move around too much. He has to be extra careful when sleeping at night: "I was going to attend Pastor Enoch Lam's show this Saturday, but this impacted my singing luck, I may not be able to do a singing performance and can just be there to support him." Steven posted a photo of his injury on Weibo and told everyone to relax, he joked: "The scar isn't that deep, its quite handsome actually!"

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