Wednesday, June 12, 2013

News : Miss Hong Kong 2013

Miss Hong Kong 2013 steps into its 41st anniversary. This year the slogan is: "Beyond Imaginations". Yesterday at the first round of auditions, the quality of the candidates were indeed "beyond imaginations". Aside from 10 candidates who were barely considered beautiful, the others were "heavy flavor". The first audition had a total of 129 candidates, but the actual ones who had passing looks were only a handful; the quality was definitely not good, the majority were considered "weird" looking. The most eye-catching was "Pirated Laurinda Ho" (Jenny), she had a sweet look and her black dress made her look generous and refined. Coming back from Germany, Sisley, had a gracious smile. She looked a bit like Karena Ng and had on a transparent black top, revealing her black bra. Sisley allowed reporters to take pictures of her back. She smiled sweetly: "My face isn't pretty?" Because she won the "sexy BB" title, she and some of the candidates chatted nonstop while taking the MTR after the auditions. Dressed in a pink dress, "Big Breast Tracy Chu" (Lau Wan Hing) openly allowed the media take pictures of her while she bent over to get into the car. "Black Girl Myolie Wu" (Zoe) showed off her career line in a low-cut dress. She turned left and right for pictures and didn't get upset; she looked very confident. "Red Hair" Rebecca gave off a Korean feeling, extremely eye-catching. 24 year old former TVB news reporter Kathleen (in the blue tube top dress) also participated in the audition. She said: "I quit my job just to participate in this contest. I want to challenge myself!"

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