Wednesday, June 12, 2013

News : Miss Hong Kong 2013

TVB's Production and Resource Director (Virgina Lok) and Non-Drama Production Director (Sandy Yu) expressed there were nearly 2,000 applicants this year. Yesterday 400 were chosen to participate in the first auditions and only 129 candidates actually came for the audition. Many candidates are highly educated -- 10 holds a master's degree or PhD. There will be about 60-70 candidates chosen to participate in the second round of auditions. This year the age range is quite large; most were 19 years old, but some were 26 or 27 years old. This year, 18 candidates will advance in the finals. Many girls had strange makeup and thus the judges were unable to see their actual looks. During the bikini portion, no tattoos were seen. Miss Hong Kong 2013 semi-finals is held on August 25th; The final is held on September 1st; The contestants will be split into groups by random drawing and head out to 8 different cities for outdoor shooting.

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