Friday, June 07, 2013

The Unbelievable programme

iCable's paranormal programme, "The Unbelievable" has infuriated several veteran celebrities after they revealed their decision to revamp the show and set up a ghostly wedding for deceased '80s star, Barbara Yung and Paul Chung. As reported on Jayne Stars, at an iCable promotional event recently, the host of "The Unbelievable", Spencer Leung shared that a new segment will be introduced in the programme in August and revealed, "It's the management's idea. We had looked into arranging a wedding for Paul Chung and [co-host] Ah Mong or Barbara Yung and I." Spencer also revealed that they have played with the idea of arranging weddings for late singers, Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui, but the idea has been put on hold in order not to anger the fans. When asked if the idea of a ghostly wedding is too far-fetched, Spencer revealed that they will seek the approval of the family members first and will not insist on carrying out the wedding if the family members are against the idea. However, the news angered not only fans of the late singers, but their colleagues as well. Actor Kent Tong, who dated Barbara before her suicide, lashed out, "Ghost weddings are not real and are just superstitious gimmick! [Spencer and Barbara] don't even know each other. In any case, she has passed on so we need to respect her family." When asked if he has ever thought of having a ghost wedding with Barbara, the twice-divorced Kent said that he has never thought of the idea. Meanwhile, Barbara's former co-star, Michael Miu stressed, "Of course it shouldn't be done! It's disrespectful to use a deceased person for the programme."

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